MOBI GARDEN, one of China's outdoor brands,
has been dedicated to the research, design,
and sale of outdoor gear since entering
the outdoor industry as a tent manufacturer in 2003.

Through products that exhibit excellent design,
quality, and performance, the brand has
consistently focused on integrating outdoor lifestyle,
resulting in garnering significant support for
its brand concept.

The brand logo, featuring a "mountain" motif,
symbolizes the desire to bring nature
and people closer together through
various outdoor sports and camping activities.

As a result of continuously meeting the high-quality
requirements of partners,
the factories owned by MOBI GARDEN
have grown into the world's largest tent factory,
with products delivered to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

It is a great joy for MOBI GARDEN's outdoor gear
to accompany as many people as possible and
to serve as assistance
in making outdoor activities a lifestyle.