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We changed our company name
to Arata Co., Ltd.
when launching the brand "arata,"
which derives from two words in Japanese
"aratana," meaning "new,"
and "aratameru," meaning "to improve."

The greatest characteristic of
our backbone in product creation lies
in our technical expertise.
We designers have enjoyed creating things
since our student days,
and have been involved in the design of various products,
including automobiles, home appliances,
industrial machinery, robots, formula cars,
inspection equipment, and medical devices.

Combining this technical expertise
with our wealth of outdoor experience,
we will create outdoor products
that we as engineers truly want to use
and would recommend to our friends.

At the same time,
we will use this technical expertise to
look at the world broadly and continue to
introduce outdoor brands
from around the world to the Japanese market
at appropriate prices.